The water and waste water company of Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari province is committed to using efficient human resources, development of advanced technology research, having a city in province with an effective administrative and managerial structure, the contribution of private sector in way that District Provincial and international Community has access to adequate and safe drinking water as well as collection facilities, access to  transfer and sanitary treatment of sewage and be the frontier in protecting the environment, water resources and provide the health care to all citizens.
Employees catch bonuses and upgrading as well as to be involved in the realization of the mission of the company. Job security and supply of employee’s requirements according to relevant laws and customs of society is a priority for the company. Another our responsibility is related to suppliers and stakeholders in society. In this regard, the social participation is an important commitment for us and we count it as a target for the company's desirable image in the society. Our purpose is a positive interaction with the environment and we want to create an appropriate space for the growth and continual development of physical capacity with stability in the provision of services.